Acceptance of Forex Trading Account Trusteeship, Starting Capital $200,000!

Priority Acceptance: Switzerland * Swissquote, China* Bank of China'E融汇

Extremes Positions ·  Extremes Positions ·  Week Trading Strategy

Maybe it's really simple and stupid, please do not use it trading your money!

Trading theory and real trading operations are often different, sometimes even contrary to theory.

Even though the number of futures extremes positions is real, it is past data, historical data, which can not accurately infer future foreign exchange trend.

Especially in the foreign exchange market, which is influenced by important data and unexpected news, fluctuations are irregular and unpredictable.

The number of extremes positions in futures can roughly infer the medium-term direction Trend Reversal Risk, at least many institutions and investment banks are expected in this direction.


Please do not use Extremes Positions ·  Extremes Positions ·  Week Trading Strategy to trade your real money!