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 AUD · Real Money Strategy

How it works ? · Keep It Simple To Stupid ! 

AUD: should make currency exchange of buying at historical lowest bottom area (Green area).

AUD: should make currency exchange of selling after gain big profit at at historical highest top area (Red area).

Operational Approach:

AUD historical lowest bottom area of 3 years = 0.69

AUD historical highest top area of 3 years = 0.81

When AUD/USD is about 0.69, you transfer your real money 6.9 million USD to 10 million AUD. (Green area)

When AUD/USD is about 0.81, you transfer your real money 10 million AUD to 8.1 million USD. (Red area)

The total revenue is: (8.1 million - 6.9 million)/ 8.1 million = 17%. Also 8.1 million - 6.9 million = 1.2 million USD.