Accept forex trading account entrustment, starting capital $200,000!

Account entrust area: Switzerland * London * Hong Kong * Singapore * New York

Providing solutions from exporting factory to forex investment, starting capital $200,000!

A few words introduce myself clearly

Childhood grew up in the Qinling hinterland, juvenile to the Weihe River Plain, youth to Guangzhou, and then created my own factory and manufactured and exported products worldwide.

At the same time, I entrusted the hard-earned money to a international bank to help me invest. But many contracts were losses, even some loss of nearly 70%(QDII0711)*,  influenced by this, it took 10 years to learn the financial investment,  I finally understand the investment of those things. At present, mainly in London, Switzerland, Hongkong, investment and trading.

* QDII0711 = Tranche ID: QDII0711 Tranche Name: SCB QDII0711 SERIES

* QDII0711 = QDII200711