Acceptance of Forex Trading Account Trusteeship, Starting Capital $200,000!

Priority Acceptance: Switzerland * Swissquote, China* Bank of China'E融汇

Website Framework

My website is composed of three parts: Header, Footer, Nav, and 2 Cascading Style Sheets (css) of Body and Nav. Menu. And these data are in the same space, not in the database. Only 5 copies file need to load at same time, and do not have to extract from the database, therefore, my website can be opened immediately and run fast.

The reasons that I give up the database building website :

The speed is too slow to load so many files, and the web page is load from the database when request.

The difference between my website and database website.

1) Load file quantity is difference.

2) The location of the loading data is different.

Attached the WordPress to illustrate why database site is slower than my website.