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Forex News Filter · 2018 16th Week


To prevent overheating, the Fed needs to continue to raise interest rates.

The dollar may be further weakened.

Nearly three months of arrangement or breakthrough time.

The euro faces a fall back to the dollar in the summer.

The long-term fair value of the United States / Japan is located at 90-95.
Worries about the UK's data are mixed, and the rate hike is expected to cool down the pound diving.
We should be cautious in raising interest rates and reduce the expected GDP in the first quarter.
The short term is still in favor.
The mid-term action can be exhausted.
The Swiss franc is still a safe haven.
The slump of the Swiss franc is a major victory for the Swiss central bank.
The short term is still in favor.
Inflation in the first quarter suggests that the New Zealand bank won't raise interest rates in a year.
Gold is the best investment asset in the year.
Saudi Arabia wants oil prices to rise to $80 a barrel, or even $100.
The global demand for crude oil is expected to grow strongly.