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Forex News Filter · 2018 2th Week


As the economy grows 2.5% next year, the U.S. economy is getting stronger.

Postponed raising interest rates until mid-2018.


European Central Bank hawk prevails.

The ECB is considering a gradual adjustment of the guidelines from early 2018.

The euro continues to strengthen and the European Central Bank may intervene.

ECB: Caught in the dilemma of hope and fact.


Watch out for unexpected policy tightening by the Bank of Japan.

The Bank of Japan is in no hurry to withdraw from accommodative policy.


Sterling is still undervalued and the Brexit message poses an asymmetrical risk.

Brexit will hurt the British economy for more than 10 years.


Inflationary pressure increases, the Bank of Canada brewing next raise interest rates.

Inflation expectations moderate.


Short-term operation of the Australian dollar.

Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates unexpectedly in 2018.

Short-term operation of CHF.
As inflation in Switzerland rises, monetary policy will not change.
Short-term operation of NZD.
New Zealand dollar will fall in coming months.

The gold price is expected to reach 1,325 US dollars / ounce by the end of the year.

High turbulence, should wait and see.

Crude oil prices in many years high, cautious short.

Crude oil prices have been hovering around for many years.