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Forex News Filter · 2018 3th Week


USD serious oversold, risk appetite upside in the short term.
The U.S. economy will grow strongly in 2018-19.

France, Germany's central bank announced the holding of RMB reserves.

U.S. government closes risk is approaching, the medium term is still bearish US dollar.


The European Central Bank may end QE by the end of the year.

The euro is growing strongly and political risk tends to ease.

Short-term build top, down to limited amendments, does not affect the longer term bullish.

A further downturn in the euro may still provide a bargain-buying opportunity.

1.25 will be the verbal ECB intervention level.

January 25 European Central Bank Governor may try again to suppress the euro.


The Bank of Japan tightened policy, the yen will appreciate 10%.

Bank of Japan policy will be steady, the dollar / yen consolidation.

The dollar fell more dominating the pound rose.

Pound devaluation take advantage of the bargain hunters.

The risk of a collapse of the Brexit negotiations can not be ignored and remains bearish on the British pound.
Bank of Canada as expected 25-point rate hike, well below the fair value estimate.
To raise interest rates too fast may cause expansion to stagnate.
The Australian dollar will hit 0.84 in the fourth quarter.
Australian dollar should sell short.
The main central bank to reduce the stimulus, can not ignore the Swiss National Bank.
Structured bearish CHF.
Prices and wage inflation kept sound.
The New Zealand dollar will fall in the coming months.

Global central banks started to tighten.

Confirm the mid-term upward trend.

Crude oil is expected to have upward risk.
The U.S. oil output is expected to show explosive growth.