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Forex News Filter · 2018 4th Week


Faster economic growth and rising inflation may force the Fed to raise interest rates quickly.

In a speech delivered by the U.S. finance minister, the weak dollar is conducive to trade.

The euro has risen excessively, but the ECB can not reverse its rally.

Negative overnight interest rate is not conducive t holding the euro long time.

Japan has achieved its trade surplus for two consecutive years.
The Bank of Japan is trying hard to show the dovish position.
Pounds bullish sentiment highest since the exit vote.
Bank of England raising interest rates window is closed.
Assess North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) risks.
Monetary policy will remain loose for some time.
Slightly higher than the "fair value."
Strong Australian dollar may delay raising interest rates.
The dollar is overvalued, the Swiss franc still has room to rise.
Investors will use the Swiss franc as a financing currency once again.
Supported by risk appetite.
Strong NZD means any idea of raising interest rates is far-fetched.
Dollar downturn, more opportunities for gold.
Oil prices will be 80 dollars / barrel in a few months.
OPEC meeting of June to discuss the strategy to exit next year cut.