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Forex News Filter · 2018 7th Week


The rate hike in March is expected to be 95%.

Most economists believe the U.S. government's tax reform plan is wrong at the current level of unemployment.

The overall level is at equilibrium but slightly overvalued, there is still room for growth.

The ECB still has difficulty in raising inflation expectations.

The strongest economic growth record in 28 years.
The current fluctuations in the yen do not need to intervene.
Risk returns are still bullish on the rise.
The Bank of England in May to raise interest rates as early as possible.
The performance of 2018 was outstanding.
Bullish the medium and long term prospects of the Australian dollar.
Monetary policy will not be adjusted in the short term.
In the short term will continue to consolidate.
The prospects for New Zealand are stable.
Loose monetary policy and fiscal stimulus will promote economic growth.
The fall in the dollar has increased the price of gold.
Us output is increasing, and the price of crude oil will fall by the end of the year.