Know will trust,Trust will entrust!

Accept account entrust,Starting capital $ 2 million!

A few words introduce myself clearly

Childhood grew up in the Qinling hinterland, juvenile to the Weihe River Plain, youth to Guangzhou, and then created my own factory and manufactured and exported products worldwide.

At the same time, I entrusted the hard-earned money to a international bank to help me invest. But many contracts were losses,even some loss of nearly 70%(QDII0711)*, influenced by this, it took 10 years to learn the financial investment, I finally understand the investment of those things. At present, mainly in London, Switzerland, Hongkong, investment and trading.

* QDII0711 = Tranche ID: QDII0711 Tranche Name: SCB QDII0711 SERIES

A few words introduce account entrust

You want to invest, and you find a trading platform provider who you trust, you have your own trading account, then, you sign a trading commission agreement through your platform provider, entrust your trading account to me to trade, the income between you and me are cutting by your platform provider.

Why Safe?

1)Because, I only use your trading account to trade, I do not hold your money, preferred to accept joint trading account *.

2)Because, the client's fund in the foreign exchange bank, in addition to be transferred to the account holder himself, can not be transferred to third parties, this is guild regulations. The transfer rules is different with general commercial bank.

Joint trading account: couple jointed, couple and children jointed, friend jointed。
Benefits: even if an accident occurs, one of the joint account holders is still securely control the power of funds transfer.

Management Module • PAMM • LAMM • POA • MAM

Managed account area • London • Switzerland • Hongkong

The customers who hold the identity card of the People's Republic of China are not accepted.

A few words introduce PAMM Technology

PAMM is the abbreviation of Percentage Allocation Management Module.

PAMM is a general management account, the client commissioned the money manager to use PAMM account to manage their own trading account, and the customer's account will be placed under the PAMM.

PAMM money manager trade an order each time,the order will be automatically allocated to each client's account that based on the proportion of each client's funds size. PAMM clients can log on read-only account and can not trade on their own.

PAMM clients can withdraw their account from PAMM money manager's account at any time, and then, the clients can trade their own accounts.

PAMM Technology · Details

For example, fund manager in the management of 5 accounts, account is different: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD.
1. (Client A) USD Account funds is $ 8.000.000,Total capital ratio of 32% 。
2. (Client B) EUR Account funds is € 6.000.000,Total capital ratio of 24% 。
3. (Client C) GBP Account funds is £ 5.000.000,Total capital ratio of 24% 。
4. (Client D) CAD Account funds is C$ 4.000.000,Total capital ratio of 12% 。
5. (Client E) AUD Account funds is A$ 3.000.000,Total capital ratio of 8% 。
Management accounts in different proportions depending on the amount of account.
To calculate the ratio, all amounts are converted into U.S. dollars at market prices.

Fund manager decides to buy 100 million order of EUR / USD currency pair, PAMM management will be allocated according to the proportion between the administrative account. Each account has its own position and the corresponding portion of profit or loss. In this example,
1. (Client A) USD Account funds have LONG positions 32 million EUR/USD 。 (32% X 100 million)。
2. (Client B) EUR Account funds have LONG positions 24 million EUR/USD 。 (24% X 100 million)。
3. (Client C) GBP Account funds have LONG positions 24 million EUR/USD 。 (24% X 100 million)。
4. (Client D) CAD Account funds have LONG positions 12 million EUR/USD 。 (12% X 100 million)。
5. (Client E) AUD Account funds have LONG positions 8 million EUR/USD 。 ( 8% X 100 million)。

Profit and loss of each account will be calculated automatically based on market price.

Money Manager · Placing Orders and Funds Allocation