Expert manufacturer of tube unscrew closures caps lids, tube flip top caps closures lids, bottle unscrew closures caps lids, bottle flip top caps closures lids, child resist closures caps lids, disc top caps closures lids, pharmacy bottle closures caps lids, tamper evident caps closure lids, lipstick lip balm container cases, cream jars caps closures lids covers, tip head caps covers, plugs seals reducers, industrial caps closures lids, special caps closures etc.

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   We are specialized manufacture snap hinge closures, push pull closures, venting flip cap, venting reducer, venting sleeve£¬squat oval flip top closure, oval flip top caps, pop-on screw covers, hinged screw covers, flip top caps and closures , flip top dispensing closures, tube top dispensing closures, disc top dispensing closures, specialty dispensing closures, vitamin smooth flip top closures.

    We are specialized manufacture venting system closures, dosing devices closures, weldspoutspout, sponge applicators, venting wafer ,orifice reducers, decoration sleeve, wedding rings, pyramid rings , shakers, dome caps, tall oval flip top closure, drain backs closures, squeeze lock closures, dispensing closures, decorative caps, yorkers closures, shaker closures, push pull closures, disc top caps, miscellaneous closures. shallow skirted closures, buttress style closure, dispensing line of closures, spice caps fitments closures, black phenolic caps, water bottles caps, pharmalok caps, flapper caps, measuring cups, measuring scoops spoons, nasal caps and plugs,  orifice reducing plugs, sifter caps, sifter fitments,  combination pour fitment caps, sprinkler cap.

     We are specialized manufacture child resistant caps, pipette, syringes,  catheter tooling,  medical shields covers, push turn CRC¡¯s closures, pictorial child resistant closures, push down and turn safety closures and so on.

     We are specialized single wall jar of available in polystyrene, SAN, ABS, double wall square jars, double wall round jars, straight sided PP regular wall jars, straight sided thick wall jars, straight sided thick wall round bottom jars, tapered sided regular wall jars, tapered sided thick wall jars, regular wall jars, opal range jars, pearl range jars, crystal range jars, slimline jars, glitter jars, frosted jars, ivory jars,lip stick cases, lip balm tubes, mascara cases, pots.

     We are could produce many kinds plastic parts that household detergents, personal care, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, foods, lubricants, additives, chemicals, flexible packaging.    


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