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Maybe it's really simple and stupid, please do not use it trading your money!

Forex trading strategies are art, not science:

The world can find countless  Forex trading strategies, all of which are art, not science.

My trading strategy system is also art, not science, which is a trading strategy that is only suitable for myself in the past 10 years of Forex trading.

Everyone's trading strategy is unique:

Different people, different origins, the economic basis of primary families is different, and childhood trauma is different, so the character is different, the determination and desire to pursue money are different.

The sources of funds are different, the capital pool size is different, the adequacy of funds is different, supplement the new funds after the loss is difficult or not, and so on.

Based on this, each person's trading strategy must be different.

Warning: do not use my own and exclusive Forex strategy  trading your money!