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Multi cavities moulds of medical needle base moulds

Multi cavities moulds of medical needle base moulds.  We have specialized in make caps & closures molds, covers & lids moulds, pumps & sprayers moulds tools of pharmaceutical packaging, medical packaging, laboratory accessories over 20 years.

We also have specialized in make pharmaceutical packaging moulds, medical packaging moulds, laboratory accessories moulds such as: test tube moulds, blood tubes and caps moulds, medical closures molds, medical closures moulds, indwelling needle toolings, medical caps toolings, pipette tips toolings, hospital thin-wall cups molds, petri dish molds, pull ring cover toolings, mechanic parts moulds, mechanic parts toolings, medical filters molds, medical connectors molds, medical aspirating pipette toolings, syringe pusher molds, indwelling needle molds, test tube molds, blood tubes and caps molds, hospital thin-wall caps moulds, child proof screw caps molds, etc.

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Multi cavities moulds of medical needle base moulds samples

Multi cavities moulds moulds of medical needle base moulds moulds

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