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Tamper evident caps 18mm

This is the mould we have made of tamper evident caps 18mm. We have specialized in make caps & closures molds, covers & lids moulds, pumps & sprayers moulds tools of food condiment packaging over 20 years.

We also have specialized in make food condiment packaging moulds such as: decorative dairy cups toolings, thin wall containers moulds, thin-wall covers molds, thin wall containers toolings, cutlery covers molds, roof shingle caps toolings, effervescent tablet caps molds, flip top oil closures molds, thin-wall covers moulds, flip top oil closures moulds, labeling containers lids moulds, cutlery covers moulds, carry bar molds, thin-wall cups molds, carry bar moulds, proof double oil caps toolings, sauce caps moulds, labeling containers lids toolings, yoghurt cup, closures for can container molds, cartoon closures moulds, labeling containers lids molds, etc.

Tamper evident caps 18mm samples

Tamper evident caps 18mm moulds

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