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Plug seals of caps

This is the mould we have made of plug seals of caps. This is the mould we have made of small plugs seals. We have specialized in make caps & closures molds, covers & lids moulds, pumps & sprayers moulds tools of industrial packaging over 20 years.

We also have specialized in make industrial packaging moulds such as: bin closures molds, spray caps molds, silicone caps toolings, gasoline can caps toolings, bin closures toolings, collapsing closures toolings, spirit caps moulds, collapsing closures moulds, silicone tubes molds, air spray components moulds, gasoline can caps moulds, lubricant bottle caps molds, free drop closures toolings, pesticide bottle caps molds, pesticide bottle caps toolings, spirit caps molds, lubricant bottle caps toolings, gasoline can caps molds, silicone tubes toolings, free drop closures moulds, lubricant bottle caps moulds, wide mouth closures moulds, silicone caps molds, etc.

Plug seals of caps samples

Plug seals of caps moulds

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